Medical Weight Loss

Our Elite Wellness providers fully understand the struggles of leading a modern lifestyle while trying to stay fit. We understand that despite efforts in the gym and in the kitchen, body chemistry changes. What once worked for weight loss and maintenance may no longer be effective. Moreover, they are aware that excess body fat compromises overall health and wellness, leading to chronic disease and a lower quality of life. Our goal is to strategize an individualized approach while helping develop behaviors to regain and maintain a healthier, more functional body, fending off chronic disease and its complications.

Elite Providers have each patient’s health and wellness at the center of their care. They dive deep into what challenges patients face in maintaining a healthy body composition. Each patient undergoes a face-to-face complete wellness evaluation in which bloodwork, medical history, physical body composition, and previous treatments are analyzed.  This allows for shared-decision making and the development of a plan of care that is evidence-based and patient-centered. They employ a combination of strategies including medications, lifestyle behavior guidance, as well as nutrition guidance, and key nutrient supplementation to achieve maximized results. 


  • 4 week program – $350+
  • 12 Week program – $600+
    Add-ons available


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